Semunyeni is proudly an environmentally conscious company that focuses on reducing our impact on the environment. Globally, we are becoming more conscious about the impacts human have on nature and we, as a company, aim at reducing our plastic use and making an effort to educate our clients about conserving the integrity of the national parks and allowing you to participate in our green initiative.

Many may be asking how, exactly, we’re reducing our impact? Well here’s how…

  1. Semunyeni provides a Consol glass bottle and stainless-steel straw to each guest upon arrival and we provide filtered water from a Ceramic water filter system. This process reduces the use of single use plastic bottles.
  2. We use bio-degradable friendly soap and hand lotion making it safe for the wildlife around us.
  3. We use solar power to meet our energy demands on safari to power up our charging ports and refrigerators.
  4. We provide all our guests with stainless steel straws. One 2017 study estimated that as many as 3 billion plastic strawsare polluting the world’s beaches.
  5. We use material shopping bags to purchase fresh produce for our safari’s, we also use material netted bags to shop for loose fruits and vegetables instead of purchasing fruti and vegetables pre-packaged in plastic and polystrene.
  1. We shop from local community members and grocery stores for our fresh supplies to support the ecomony and the community.
  2. Should any plastic, tin, glass or paper be used during the operations of Semunyeni Safari, we make every effort to reuse and recycle when ever possible.
  3. Biodegradable sanitation chemicals are used in our toilet flushing systems to reduce the effect of harmful chemicals on the environment.
  4. Grey water systems – to save water, we encourage our clients to place a spacious tray under the shower to collect This water, filled with smells of lemongrass fresh soap, will be used to fill our sanitation system and also reduces our water impace.
  5. Lastly, with the provided space and support of the community, we intend on implementing an Aquaponic system to grow our own fresh fruits, vegetables and fish that are organic and homegrown. These will be used as a part of our fresh food supply used on safaris. This also provides job opportunities to the public and a chance to learn a new skill set.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better – The Lorax