Semunyeni, a local Botswana company, is inspired by the simplicity of nature and our approach is to offer a safari experience on the move with fully serviced mobile camps. Our safaris are designed to achieve a state of harmony, and a celebration of balance and abundance. With this philosophy at heart we hope to make your stay with us a truly rare and unforgettable experience.

All our campsites have been carefully selected based on locations best suited to offer the most immersive experiences Botswana has to offer. A treasured memory is an unequaled gift, and through unique experiences and considered services, we ensure that your moments with us are truly unforgettable. To us, it is of the utmost importance to offer a service that is bespoke to each guest yet natural; exclusive, and familiar.

The name was originally Simunye meaning “We are one’ when directly translated from Zulu. “We are One” is coincidently a name of a song from the Lion King. The name then morphed from Simunye to Semunyeni for originality. Semunyeni focuses on conservation initiatives by being as respectful to nature as one can. Recycling efforts, economic farming, eco-tourism, and a minimal footprint. We believe as individuals and as a company, we should be an example of how to be one with nature.

Our vision is to be Botswana’s leading luxury mobile safari organisation, creating life-changing experiences in order to build sustainable conservation economies and inspire positive action.


Our ethos lies in protecting Botswana pristine wilderness areas including the local communities in this process. With our sustainability strategy in mind we have incorporated the 4 Cs -strategy (Commerce, Culture, Conservation and Community ) to our operation.


We create truly life-changing wilderness experiences for our guests and clients. To ensure the ongoing financial success and sustainability of our business and the surrounding communities, we work closely with conservation and community stakeholders.


We have the utmost respect for our unique culture, as well as those of all our employees and neighboring rural communities. With this philosophy at heart we hope to positively impact a global culture of respect and care for the environment.


We strive to reduce the impact of our operations on biodiversity conservation. We are members of wildlife and nature conservation initiatives and support organic and fair-trade options to ensure that our operations have as little impact as possible on the environment.


Too us, our staff and communities are of great importance, they are the heartbeat of our business. It is our aim to provide them with opportunities to learn about nature, to love and conserve it, and to realise the importance of ecotourism. We work closely with the communities who are the guardians of the environment they live in.